Why Asset-Based Lending Is Important to Us

As you may have noticed from a couple of stories in our recent newsletter and from everyday news, the economy is still not where we hope it would be and there are businesses struggling to grow. But even in this economy, there is innovation and opportunity for growth. That is why Far West Capital is passionate about what we do.

Far West Capital funds companies temporarily unable to obtain or secure adequate traditional bank financing. Far West Capital typically funds early stage companies that have been in business less than two years; generating revenue, growth, refinance, start-up, acquisitions, and turnarounds. We focus on providing a customized solution for each business, which could include accounts receivable financing, asset-based lending, asset-based revolver and more.

Our traditional clients include:

  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers/distributors
  • B2B
  • High-tech
  • Bio-technology
  • Staffing
  • Transportation
  • Any business generating commercial trade receivables
  • Any business with trade receivables generated by providing another business entity with a product or service

We focus on potential profitability and we love being able to help growing businesses reach their next goal. Not only is asset-based lending crucial to our business but it signifies the future growth and success for our clients.

Have questions about how we  can help  your company get to the next level? Give us a call today!

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