how does far west capital fund your business?

Or: What’s factoring, and should you use it?

are you…

…invoicing your customers and clients?

…often waiting on customers to pay outstanding invoices?

…trying to make your payroll match your incoming revenue?

… suffering from seasonal cash flow challenges?

… making a product, and need to finance a large purchase order?

If you answered “yes” to all or most of the above, factoring – also known as “accounts receivable financing” is probably for you.

here’s how it works.


You provide a service or product to your client.


You’ll invoice your customer as usual, and send us a copy.


Instead of paying you directly, your client sends the amount owed to our team for processing – but that may take 30 days or more.


Instead of waiting for your client to pay, we send you cash the day you submit your invoice (minus a small fee) via direct deposit to your bank account.

With cash on hand, our clients can then…

Pay employees on time

Pay employees on time

Fund equipment purchases

Fund equipment purchases

Expand their facilities

Expand their facilities

Add a new product line

Add a new product line


but is it worth it?

One client of ours needed to make more briefcases.

They’d sold a big order, and they needed $1,000,000
to buy more materials to make lots more briefcases.

They could…
1. Find an investor and sell 25% of their equity
2. Come to us with their sold purchase orders

With $1,000,000 funded against their existing purchase orders,
they were able to grow to an annual revenue of



What else should I know about factoring?


It’s not a loan.

Instead, factoring simply purchases your receivables at a small discount. You’ll never be put in a situation where you can’t pay off debt.


It works best in a long-term relationship.

Beware of “easy money” – if you’re considering factoring, it helps to have a partner who understands your long term goals, your history, and your growth needs.


It’s easier to get approved.

Bankruptcies and tax liens can be a big problem with a traditional bank; for us, they’re just one part of the picture. Many businesses come to us with issues; we look for the potential in every deal we fund.

what else do you want to know?

Drop us a quick note here and a team member will get you an answer ASAP.

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