Why do we do what we do?

How do we do what we do?

We’re a community of people striving to live up to our tagline and unleash potential — in our clients, our teams and our communities.  At Far West Capital, we don’t have business goals over here, and philanthropic goals over there.

Our commitment to unleash potential for our clients, within our teams, and in our communities is driven by the values of consciousness, love, hope, courage, and empathy.


Far Reaching builds creative, sustainable opportunities to leave the world a better place than we found it through the spirit of entrepreneurship.

We are committed to galvanizing as many entrepreneurial success stories as possible to transform lives and our communities through the power in people.


When we say “Far Reaching,” we mean it as a verb, as an active expression of who we are and the galvanizing force behind everything we do at Far West Capital.

Our team is empowered to create things that improve the lives of both their colleagues and their community. A few years ago, an account manager named Matt Smulski thought we could build a better system for communicating about our clients – so he went and built it himself. Today, Matt’s our Chief Technology Officer, and he’s still building things that make our jobs easier every day.


Outside Far West Capital, our goal isn’t to just give money away; our goal is to invest in entrepreneurial impact. We invest our time, our talents, and our treasures in places where we know their impact can be doubled, or tripled, in the hands of the right entrepreneur.


Collectively and individually, our team intends to demonstrate our culture of consciousness, our love for diversity, our empathy for humankind, courage in the face of adversity, and hope that we are the catalysts for a better and brighter tomorrow.


We don’t have it all figured out, but that’s the intention behind all that we do. As Far Reaching evolves, we are asking you to come along with us to help make as many entrepreneurial success stories as we can.

Reaching Impact Together

Far Reaching

With EcoRise, we’re discovering the power of a child’s imagination when they’re given the tools to change the world.

In 2017, Far Reaching is raising money to support EcoRise Youth Innovation’s planned development of an ecopreneurship curriculum for middle and high school students. You can donate here.

Each time someone refers a deal to Far West Capital that closes, we will match a donation of up to $100 on their behalf to EcoRise, helping them enable the next generation of entrepreneurs that will change our environment and our communities for the better.

Join us in supporting an organization that empowers our next generation of leaders to tackle real-world challenges by teaching sustainability, design, innovation, and most importantly, entrepreneurship.
(Learn more about our history and relationship with EcoRise here.)

In 2017, we were inspired by a client’s idea to hold “Women’s Club” meetings, supporting the women clients and spouses of our transportation clients in El Paso.

The first event was in March 2017, called “How to Manage Stress in Your Business and Household.” Dozens of women gathered at a local restaurant as psychologist Dr. Andres de Anda taught them techniques to manage stress, personally and professionally. Much laughter and many margaritas were had; we now plan to make the Women’s Club a recurring event.


Community First: Austin’s innovative program to counter chronic homelessness

With Community First, we discovered how much is possible once you have a safe shelter – one that’s yours, but surrounded by a community who can help you uncover your potential.

Community First is a 24-acre master planned community of tiny homes that provides affordable, permanent housing and a supportive community for the disabled and chronically homeless in Central Texas. Want to volunteer? Start here.


Working with Grameen America, we’ve discovered what just $1,000 could do for Reyna’s t-shirt business – and for other women like her, with an entrepreneurial dream but less access to traditional funding. 

Since 2014, Far West Capital has worked with Grameen America to fund 228 “microloans” to support low-income women launching small businesses in their communities. 99.6% of those loans were repaid, ensuring hundreds more deserving women have access to funding when they need it. 

It was a natural fit for us to support this organization that transforms communities and fights poverty in the United States through microloans, financial training, and business support.

student ecopreneur projects funded
students funded
heaters & blankets donated
microloans to female entrepreneurs

Is there someone in your community – a nonprofit, a person, a company – doing an extraordinary job supporting entrepreneurs? Is it you?

If so, please drop us a line below – we are always looking for more ways to unleash hard-working entrepreneurs who impact their communities for the better.