How the Right Financing Helped Them Survive and Thrive

Arrow Mirror & Glass

The Situation

When Joe Kinsella, owner of Arrow Mirror and Glass, discovered that his lender decided to close its doors, he was faced with having to immediately pay off his debts and replace his company’s line of credit, putting his business at risk during a time that was extremely difficult for a small company to get any borrowing.

After hearing about Far West Capital, Joe met with the company’s president, Brian Center, who worked with Joe and his team to figure out a way to get Arrow Mirror and Glass back on its feet.


Far West Capital Efficient Solution“Brian was our champion,” noted Joe. “Far West Capital’s flexibility saved us. Over the course of the relationship, things for my company got worse before they got better. While most banks will typically tell you ‘we can’t do that’ when you need them most, Brian always said ‘Okay, let’s figure out a way.’”

Through custom financing options, including a flexible term loan, and a line of credit based on AR, inventory and even anticipated purchase orders, we provided Joe with financing that helped save his company.


Unleashed PotentialArrow Mirror and Glass has progressed from the Far West Capital program and is a booming company that is now sustaining and growing completely on its own. The business did so well with Far West Capital’s support that they have paid everything off and Joe has not had to go to another bank.

“When we really needed something badly, Far West Capital was there for us. If we didn’t find Far West Capital, my business wouldn’t be here. It simply wouldn’t have happened. It sounds dramatic, but it’s true. They were there for us when no one else was.”


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