5 Ways Conscious Leaders Excel

We often think of how to improve our leadership skills. We heard John Mackey of Whole Foods, Inc. speak on this subject and thought we would grade ourselves on the five things he says makes a “conscious leader.”

1. Share a purpose
Yes, at Far West Capital our simple purpose is to “Unleash Your Potential” within the team, prospects and clients. This is why we exist.

2. Make the world a better place
Yes, the vision of our company is “as many entrepreneurial success stories as humanly possible.”

3. Create a workplace with meaning and high energy
Yes, the best way to judge this is what others say about the vibe in your office. We feel good being there and others report the same.  We are moving our office next year for this specific purpose.

4. Help people grow and evolve
Yes, but we need to have a more transparent success ladder and we are working on that. We do encourage open discussion regarding our team’s goals, both personally and professionally.

5. Make tough ethical choices
Yes, in the money business, we never get a shortage of opportunities to do this. We say doing “what is right” does not lean in favor of the client or Far West Capital, it is just the right thing to do, your gut will tell you.

How does your company stack up?  


If you haven’t read John Mackey’s book Conscious Capitalism, we highly recommend doing so.













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