Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made?

There are some traits that you are naturally born with. From the color of your hair to the size of your nose, these are all genetic qualities that were passed on to you from your parents (whether you like them or not!). But is the passion for risk taking and self-confidence genetic too? Sure, these may sound like simple qualities that aren’t necessarily passed down from past generations, but they’re also the traits that are found in many entrepreneurs. This led us to wonder… are entrepreneurs born or made?

First off, what makes someone a natural born entrepreneur? We’ve read countless stories of young children who are more inclined to start their own businesses rather than playing with toys like the rest of their classmates. What inspired them to capture that entrepreneurial spirit at such a young age? Natural born entrepreneurs are resilient and have that burning passion and fearless nature within their souls. They are not afraid to be different from others and like to take chances. This kind of entrepreneur is born with strong self-confidence and the ability to deal with the unknown. Whether it’s genetic or not, these go-getters are always passionate about possible business ventures and are very intuitive.

On the other hand, there’s no scientific evidence that proves all entrepreneurs are necessarily born into it. Some people just need a gentle nudge into the right direction to spark up that entrepreneurial spirit. So, maybe you didn’t realize your business bath until you chose to take a marketing class, when suddenly – your business potential was unleashed. Did the marketing class make you an entrepreneur? Entrepreneurs that are “made” tend to have the ability to recognize potential business opportunities and develop technical leadership skills from an outside source. They may have not always had the entrepreneurial spirit within them, but they have no problem developing the similar traits of natural born leaders.

It’s difficult to fully answer the question of whether entrepreneurs are born or made. If you look at some of the world’s most influential entrepreneurs, it’s easy to see that many were born while some were also made. Apple co-founder, Steve Jobs, and Facebook guru, Mark Zuckerberg, both dropped out of college before receiving degrees. But, these natural born entrepreneurs used their talents and drive to become powerhouses within their respective industries. Conversely, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos attended Princeton University, intending to study physics, but decided to pursue computer science instead. His decision helped mold him into an entrepreneur, which eventually led to the creation of one of the biggest online retailers in the world.

Whether you believe you were born with entrepreneurial DNA flowing through your veins or that your entrepreneurial potential was unleashed in the classroom, we all have the potential to be entrepreneurs. After all, there’s no right or wrong way to be a leader. At Far West Capital, we’re persistent confident risk takers, and we love working with entrepreneurs who share that same passion and drive – no matter how they received it.

So, tell us your thoughts – do you think entrepreneurs are born or made?

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