Learn The Best-Kept Secret of Rockstar Entrepreneurs

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. The coolest thing about having an entrepreneurial father in elementary school was that my dad owned the local skating rink. Yep, I got to play the part of the selective bouncer, waving my friends to cut the line, spending afternoons after school at the coolest hang in town.

Sometimes entrepreneurship is sexy, and sometimes, well, it’s the hardest effing work in the world. As entrepreneurs, we are pushed to the limits of our own potential every single day. We are visionaries, cheerleaders, salespeople, providers, save-the-day-ers… and sometimes, we’re just people looking to get through another meeting.

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for ways to improve and searching out competitive advantages to keep you at the top of your game. Like many business pros, I credit my morning routine with helping me kick ass more than just about anything else I do.

Kicking ass starts first thing in the morning

I’ve developed my morning routine over several years to support me in performing my best, and I still try out new things. My goal is a body that feels  strong, a brain that’s sharp and firing, and plenty of positive energy to keep up with the demands of running Far West Capital.

We are all different, so what works for me may not work for you. Pay attention to what is effective for you and will set you up to perform at your best each day. The more consistent and disciplined you are with your daily routine, the more flow you create, the more prepared you’ll be to tackle new challenges.

So for all my fans (don’t laugh), this is how I start every day:

  1. Make a badass Texas Coffee Traders Italian Roast coffee on my Jura One Touch.
  2. Drink water and take one sip of my coffee. I keep a lid on my coffee to keep it hot!
  3. Practice meditation for exactly 17 minutes. I wear headphones to listen to theta brainwaves tracks.
  4. Journal 10 new things I am grateful for. This is a great way to condition yourself to identify blessings in everyday life, which relieves stress and improves demeanor.
  5. Write my goals for the day, week, month, and year.

That’s it! With that, I’m left feeling calm, centered, and aware, I’m ready to kick ass every day.

The surprising practice that helps entrepreneurs achieve big goals

In recent years, meditation has become a hot topic for business leaders, with the professional benefits touted by top publications such as Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Meditating helps people calm their anxieties, focus on what’s important, and stop worrying  about the little things.

My meditation practice started as an assignment from my coach in 2013, and it has taken a very long time to make it a habit. One of the biggest effects of my meditation is better situational  awareness, which is a massive strategic advantage. Think: slow down to speed up (a Navy SEAL saying). I pay more attention. I’m more intentional. I stay on track and focused on the big picture. I’m more aware and awake to the things that hold me back. Before I can release them, I have to identify them.  

Mediation helps me align my heart and mind.. If I feel off or get triggered, as we all do from time to time, I stop, take some deep breaths, and reconnect to the big picture.

If meditation seems intimidating, consider trying yoga first – that’s essentially where I started. It’s like moving meditation, and I go four times a week.

When it comes to my own meditation practice, I’m not perfect at sitting still for 17 minutes every day, and sometimes I can’t resist checking my phone. Don’t dismiss getting started just because you feel you can’t sit still for long enough. Learning to sit still and calm your mind is the entire point of meditation – it’s a practice.

Do you practice meditation, journaling or other daily exercises to de-stress and keep your goals top of mind? Do you think a daily routine could help you or your business? Leave a comment here or message me on Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Lorilyn Wynn

    I work out most mornings from 4 to 6 am. It helps me to aleviate stress, remove the brain fog and make me feel more alert and prepared for the day. I find that this daily habit has enabled me to be more productive at work and to get more done on the weekends, too. I go to bed early to make sure I have proper rest as well. I also listen to my body, and if I have gone too hard for too many days, I skip the “formal” workout, and rest some more. I’ve also stopped drinking alcohol which has also improved my brain sharpness.

  • Ben Black

    This is great! I used to meditate daily, and think about what I was grateful for and my clarity of thought and presence was very empowering. I need to get back to that. I came up with three patents in a matter of days when I was doing that. Thank you for sharing the secret sauce to your own success.

  • Lamar Romero

    I love the Business Shaman you are and becoming Cole! This is really good stuff. Thank you for sharing!

  • Alexander Falo

    Cole, thanks for sharing on a concept that I have been doing for years. As for myself, I get up early specifically to journal as I go thru my morning prayers, which includes some meditation time, eat a quick healthy breakfast all of which allows me to clearly begin to formulate my day, all before getting to the office (which is where distractions would take me away from this routine).

    I hope people who read your article take it to heart; there is no better way to start your day! Thanks again!!

  • Katy Washburn

    Thank you Cole! I am going to try listening to theta brainwave tracks.

  • Kathleen Lancaster

    Thank you! I will stay on track as I move forward into a new venture!

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