CFA’s 21st Annual Entrepreneurial Finance & Factoring Conference

This week, I’m at CFA’s 21st Annual Entrepreneurial Finance & Factoring Conference in Dallas. It’s a great opportunity for finance and factoring executives to network and learn, as with many CFA and association events. On Thursday morning, I’m participating in a panel called “Business Development Trends: Where is new business coming from?” The panel will discuss exactly that: business development trends and the sources of new business. We will, more specifically, discuss the changes we see and the discussion will center around referral sources such as bank lenders, bank workout officers, turnaround management professionals, private equity and venture capital sponsors, financial consultants, etc.

I hope you’ll catch my tweets (@farwestcap) about the conference this week and maybe you’ll see a recap here. Until I share with you specific points made on our panel, let me ask you: Where does your new business come from?

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