Changes in Technology Impact NFL Ticket Sales

While Austin doesn’t have any particular allegiance to a professional football team, the Far West Capital team and many of our clients are fans of the Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.

Recently, we read an interesting article about the NFL recruiting fans back into the stadium. The number of people watching the game from home has increased with better technology, such as TVs and mobile devices.

Top teams like New Orleans Saints, Dallas Cowboys, and Philadelphia Eagles have no problem filling their stadiums, but many other teams don’t usually reach capacity and are losing money. Ticket sales have decreased 4.5% in the past five years, while broadcast and online viewership has increased significantly. Broadcasters are already guaranteeing the NFL $27.9 billion from 2014 to 2022 in TV ratings. Some may blame the economy, but rising prices in food, drinks, and parking at the stadium aren’t helping.

To combat low ticket sales, the NFL is looking at ways to bring a better game experience to its fans. Wireless Internet, special smartphone apps, and flashy videos may soon make their way to a stadium near you. Will this draw you in?

What motivates you to go to a professional sports game? Has your game-watching routine changed?

How do you change up your offerings to bring in more customers?

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