Entrepreneurial Hero: CityCraft

When Callie Works-Leary graduated from Southern Methodist University with her MBA in 2008, the job market, as we all know, was less than ideal. Entrepreneurship had always been an interest of Work-Leary’s, so she began researching potential start-up ideas in order to support herself in the troubling economy. It was during this period that she took up sewing as a hobby, introducing her to an entire community of sewers buying fabrics online. And the sewers were online for a reason, as many of the in-demand fabrics and materials were not available for purchase in Dallas retail locations.

Inspired by the young sewers’ needs, the recent graduate founded CityCraft Fabric Boutique and Sewing Lounge, a place where crafters can not only find the supplies they need to create amazing work, but can also join a unique sewing community with classes and an in-store studio. But the vision of CityCraft doesn’t stop inside its retail store – the company is also focused on giving back to the Dallas community it calls home. According to Works-Leary, she would “rather focus [her] giving to a truly worthy cause versus getting her name on a donation plate,” such as teaching sewing classes at a battered women’s shelter.

CityCraft has already expanded the physical size of its Dallas store to accommodate increasing demand and has plans to open up additional locations throughout North Texas, and eventually nationwide. With great ideas and even better leadership, we have no doubt Works-Leary and her team will achieve this.

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