Cultivating Client Relationships

Next time you head off to your favorite restaurant take a moment to think about all the reasons why you are going to this particular restaurant instead of one of thousands of others.

Is it the location, close and convenient? Maybe, but you’re probably surrounded with eateries.

Is it the food, delicious and impeccable? Possibly, but let’s be honest, many restaurant provide similar tasting food.

A big reason why is mostly likely the service. The service you receive has a big impact on how you feel about a business and could boost a business to your top spot. What sets the service apart from the other friendly service out there? It’s the relationship built between a business and its customer that creates this long-lasting loyalty, trust and support.

Our lives are built and sustained on relationships. We often acknowledge the ones we have with our family, friends and co-workers, but as business owners, we might often forget to appreciate and cultivate the important relationships we have with our clients.

The familiarity and comfort we feel when we surround ourselves with our family and friends should transcend to the environment we create for our customers. They should feel like they are a part of the family, rather than just another check to deposit in your bank account.

A few tips to really cultivate good client relationship include:

  • Get to know your clients by their first name and use their name in conversation.
  • Personally check in with your clients periodically.
  • Show a genuine interest in their wants and needs.
  • Get them talking about their lives, children or pets.
  • Go beyond meeting the needs your business provides and provide support in other areas of your client’s business

People like to do business with people they know and trust; therefore, taking the time to cultivate your relationships with your clients is vital to your business and its growth.

How do you cultivate your client relationships?

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