Does Small Business Saturday Make a Difference?

This Saturday, November 24th is Small Business Saturday and businesses around the country want you to join in supporting your local businesses. This year, millions will participate in the annual campaign founded by American Express in 2010. With Small Business Saturday following Black Friday sales at larger retailers, does shopping small really make a difference?


Research has found:

  • Small businesses pay 44% of total U.S. private payroll.
  • 89% of consumers said they believe that small businesses contribute positively to their local communities.
  • 93% of consumers believe it’s important to support the local small businesses they value in their community.


Shopping local at small businesses does make a difference in the following ways:

Less environmental impact

When you buy local, you are buying products that were produced in the city. This means shorter transportation needs, less fuel used, less greenhouse gas emissions and less pollution.

Invest in your community

When you buy local, the money stays in your community, benefitting local jobs and businesses. It helps your city’s economy prosper and it encourages the dreams of local small business owners.

Grow local innovation

When you buy local, you promote local innovation. Local businesses bring unique products, character, and identity to the city. Tourists tend to visit shops and restaurants they can’t find anywhere else and those must-visit businesses create a sense of community pride for residents.


What is your favorite local business?


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