Don’t Let Obstacles Slow The Success of Your Business

Last July, I wrote a post called “What To Do When Your Bank Changes The Rules”.  In the post, I wrote about the shifts in credit lines and how it causes problems for companies today. While it seems banks will be opening up a little more this year, other obstacles may get in the way.

For example, one of our clients didn’t have a problem with a shift in credit lines but faced a couple of obstacles when she came to us a few months ago. One, her client changed the vendor payment policy, altering the previous pay cycle. Two, she was pressed for time and had to find a solution quickly to pay her employees on time. Three, her bank didn’t have an available working capital solution for her and couldn’t get her the money in time – she needed it in three days to make payroll. That’s when she was referred to us and we were able to provide her with working capital.

You may have a number of obstacles in obtaining working capital and a number of concerns when considering a factoring company, but it shouldn’t stop you from exploring how a factoring company, specifically ours, can help you continue to grow and succeed. Although the economy may affect banks, it hasn’t affected entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is growing exponentially with no signs of slowing, and your passion and ambition for your business shouldn’t be hindered by working capital. Let’s see what we can do for you. Give us a call today.

(To see our case study about our client mentioned above, click case study #1 on this page.)

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