Entrepreneurial Hero: Face Reader

Mac Fulfer spent his childhood being told that becoming a lawyer was his destiny. He worked at his grandfather’s law firm as a teenager and years later enrolled in law school at The University of Texas. After graduation, he opened his own practice and hit the ground running as an attorney. As the years went by, he realized that he wasn’t reaching his full potential as a lawyer and wanted to develop an edge that would help him choose the best individuals for trials during jury selection. It was during a ski trip with his buddies that he found a pamphlet on face reading, which opened his eyes (pun intended) to a world he had never heard of. 

Face reading, also known as physiognomy, is the assessment of a person’s character or personality from his outer appearance, especially the face. It has nothing to do with your mood; it’s about how your inner being shapes what you look like. Fulfer quickly realized this was the edge he was looking for.

After doing research on face reading, Fulfer began testing his skills in the field. He started a small business and spent weekends setting up a booth at art festivals, carnivals, fairs and family reunions telling people what their facial expressions says about the person they’ve become. It wasn’t long before Fulfer was able to close his law practice and start pursuing his true passion full-time. When the word got out about his talent, he was invited to teach classes and instruct companies on how face reading could give businesses the advantage they’ve been looking for.

Understanding the personalities of one’s employees or colleagues can help people work together more efficiently and reach their goals in a way that best benefits their team. To see Mac Fulfer in action check out CNN’s news segment on his amazing face reading abilities.

Back in 2013, Far West Capital had the opportunity to work with Mac Fulfer during our “Face Success” charity event. It was awesome to hear his story on how he changed careers and became an entrepreneur. It’s been a couple of years since we met Mac, but we think about what he taught us about ourselves often. Kudos to you, Mac!

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