Entrepreneurial Hero: Porch

Matt Ehrlichman’s company, Porch, is focused on helping people nurture the growth of what is most likely their biggest asset – their home. The idea for Porch came when he was building his family’s dream home. Unexpectedly, issues and expenses rapidly overtook the home building project leaving Ehrlichman with the desire to come up with a tech-centric way to make the process easier once and for all. Thus, Porch was founded – all within the basement of his un-finished home.

By connecting homeowners with vetted contractors, Porch is taking the stress out of finding someone you trust to remodel your home. Beyond that, the site allows people to tell the story of their homes, similar to the way LinkedIn spells out our career story. This feature allows contractors to see what condition the home is in and decide whether or not they are a good fit for the job – something Ehrlichman has found that is vital for both the homeowner and contractor to consider.

2015 was a big year for Ehrlichman and his flourishing company. First, Lowe’s incorporated the software serving as a huge period of growth for Porch. Since then, nearly 3 million contractors have showcased 120 million remodeling projects on the company’s site, totaling $1.5 trillion spent. Second, the company recently launched an app that connects people with loyal handymen with pre-negotiated prices who show up within a matter of minutes. Great for busy entrepreneurs like ourselves! Lastly, Ehrlichman was named Entrepreneur of the Year by USA TODAY due to his extremely innovative and effective business idea. With a leader like Matt Ehrlichman, we have no doubts that Porch will continue to thrive. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this kick ass company!

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