Entrepreneurial Hero: Melanie Duncan

Melanie Duncan has been an entrepreneur since college. In 2006, after recognizing a growing trend in embroidered apparel, Melanie founded Custom Greek Threads, an online sorority and fraternity clothing company. Might I add, she did this from her garage. After watching her embroidery-focused start-up turn into an extremely successful online business, Melanie and her husband, Duncan, decided it was time to further their success by starting another business venture that would sell monogrammed home accessories and personalized gifts, thus Luxury Monograms was born.

Melanie has worn many hats, by managing finance, legal, operations, marketing, human resources and product development – she’s truly done it all. After watching her businesses flourish, Melanie developed a passion for educating other entrepreneurs on how they too can build a business that allows them to work smarter and live larger. Her goal is to teach aspiring entrepreneurs how to sustain a business that creates “more money, more impact and more freedom” than they ever imagined possible.

Melanie started Online Edge Academy in August 2013 to offer entrepreneurs the solutions they need to grow their business and make the money they deserve. From determining the focus of your business to gaining access to time saving resources, Online Edge Academy is a great tool for entrepreneurs.

We love seeing entrepreneurs who are eager to help others find success in their business. Kudos to Melanie for her hard work and desire to share her experiences and advice with others!

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