Entrepreneurial Hero: Snap Caps

The inspiration for Maddie Bradshaw’s multi-million dollar company came during an unlikely time – middle school. Wanting to decorate her school locker in a unique manner, Maddie used old Coke bottle caps to create decorative magnets, which quickly drew the attention of her friends. The interest awakened the entrepreneurial mindset of Maddie, then 10, who soon got started on her next bottle cap creation. Using $300 of her personal savings and an equal amount matched by her mother, Maddie began making SNAP CAPS, metal necklaces created with magnets that attract decorative bottle caps.

The first batch of necklaces was a huge hit, selling out of a local toy store in less than two hours. Two hours. The success continued at a rapid pace, so much so that by the time she turned 13, Maddie and her company, M3 Girl Designs, had already earned their first million dollars. Since then, Maddie has created an additional product line, Spark of Life (aimed at an older demographic), published a book and appeared on the hit ABC show, Shark Tank. And with the help of her sister Margot, who serves as her Vice President, Maddie creates all of the designs for her company. Quite the stacked resume for someone who’s not even 18 years old.

Despite the success of her family-run company, Maddie has been extremely wise with her money, saving most of it away for college. And, with such expansive entrepreneurial expertise, Maddie has plenty of advice to pass on to fellow young business hopefuls. “Follow your dreams, and make sure that whatever you’re doing, you’re having fun.” We couldn’t agree more, Maddie.

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