Entrepreneurial Heroes: Changing The Restaurant Industry

Eric Earthman and Lawrence Kocurek are two chefs and entrepreneurs who are bringing a new fine-dining concept to Austin with their restaurant, COUNTER 3. FIVE. VII. There is no doubt that Austin has some of the best restaurants in the country, but as it turns out, this one-of-a-kind city is about to get another. COUNTER 3. FIVE. VII is a restaurant where chefs and patrons are no longer segregated and come together for an intimate dining experience where servers, tables and menu options are absent. Upon arrival, guests are seated at a 24-seat chef’s counter where the chefs will cook your food and serve it to you directly. From an entrepreneurial standpoint, the most badass thing about this restaurant is that every chef is salaried – something completely unheard of in the restaurant industry.

After working as chefs for some of the most renowned restaurants and hotels in Austin and New York City, Eric and Lawrence found themselves exhausted and demotivated by the restaurant mentality and culture. They knew they wanted something more for themselves, other chefs, those who live and love the industry and of course, those who love food. After many texts, calls and emails between the two, Lawrence proposed the idea of a restaurant where everyone would be served by a chef, allowing guests to enjoy an intimate diner party where they can interact with the chef while being served exquisite food and esoteric wines.

Eric and Lawrence aren’t just out to change the way restaurants run, they are also focused on treating their employees right. Although COUNTER 3. FIVE. VII doesn’t staff servers, I find it extremely impressive that Eric and Lawrence have built a business that treats its staff differently than any other restaurant. I know that being ethical will benefit these two men more than they can imagine.

Today, their dream and vision for their restaurant is now a reality, and guests only have to decide how many courses their culinary journey will be: 3, FIVE or VII. Check out this video to learn more about these entrepreneurs and the amazing restaurant they are bringing to Austin. I can’t wait to join these two impressive chefs and entrepreneurs as soon as the doors open this week!

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