Entrepreneurial Heroes: Aron Susman

From an early age, Aron Susman possessed what he calls, “the entrepreneurial itch,” which has stuck with him throughout his entire career. Susman is the cofounder of TheSquareFoot, a commercial real estate company that provides online real estate search and broker services. But before TheSquareFoot was founded in 2011, Susman got his first taste of entrepreneurship when he developed an online textbook marketplace during his college years at The University of Texas at Austin. Although the business only stayed open for a year, he loved the idea of entrepreneurship and was instantly hooked.

Focused on learning more, Susman’s next venture was at a booming healthcare startup in California, where he helped the company launch a service that would allow for doctors to bill insurance companies electronically. It was during this time that Susman noticed a dire need – one that would lead to the fruition of his future business. When searching for a new office space for the healthcare company, he realized that there was no easy method for locating commercial real estate. So, armed with two friends from high school and a desire to help small businesses, Susman co-founded TheSquareFoot.

Since 2011, the company has been the one-stop shop for businesses searching for office space online. Founded in Houston, TheSquareFoot has since expanded to three additional cities, including Austin, Dallas, and New York. Not too shabby for only being in business for 2 and half years.

That’s not to say that the company’s success has been without difficulties. Like many entrepreneurs, Susman will be the first to tell you that starting your own company isn’t as sexy as it seems. From adequately getting his finances in order to finding the necessary employees to build TheSquareFoot product, Susman and his team have persevered through many obstacles. Fortunately, this has led to continued growth – growth that Susman hopes will expand TheSquareFoot platform into even more markets in the near future. We can’t wait to see where the company lands next.

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