Entrepreneurial Heroes: Bearded Brothers

Caleb and Chris are two brothers who are passionate about the outdoors, fitness and healthy organic foods. Caleb is a rock climber, runner, and cyclist who loves energy bars to fuel his adventures. Chris is a world traveler, an avid disc golfer and has previous experience in the health food industry. So when the two brothers-in-law got together to create an idea, their passion for adventure and healthy snacks sparked one of the coolest brands we’ve seen yet, Bearded Brothers.

With a little bit of help from a Kickstarter Campaign, the brothers were able to create a wholesome snackfood company called Bearded Brothers. It took them three months to raise $5,000, which gave them enough funds to cover the initial launch of the business. Three years later, their energy bars are now distributed to more than 300 retail locations throughout the country. Quite the little duo of entrepreneurs, right?

These awesome bearded brothers have created energy bars that are raw, vegan, gluten and soy free, and are made entirely with organic ingredients. The company even produces all of their bars in a small industrial kitchen with just the help of a few handlers. They truly believe in the quality and honesty behind their products, which makes the fact that they are headquartered in Austin such a perfect match.

Their entrepreneurial advice? Start now and don’t get held back by fear. Their shared adventurous spirit and dedication to a healthy and active lifestyle serves as an inspiration for us all – find something your passionate about and turn your dream into a reality. We love the drive that these guys have and can’t wait to see they they’ll do next.

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