Entrepreneurial Heroes: Bjorn Billhardt

Bjorn Billhardt’s story is one that presents a true American opportunity. A native of Hamburg, Germany, Billhardt first came to America as a high school foreign exchange student in the 1990s and instantly fell in love with his host-city of Austin (can you blame him?) In fact, the city left such an imprint Billhardt stuck around to attend the University of Texas for undergrad, where he received a dual B.A./B.B.A from both the Plan II and Business Honors Programs. His next step was taking on Harvard Business School, where he started his company, Enspire Learning.

The company, whose mission is to build educational programs that instruct businesses on thinking and leadership, was literally built from the ground up – beginning in Billhardt’s apartment at Harvard. Since then, Enspire Learning is now headquartered in Austin, where it provides leadership development and custom-developed experiences to help many Fortune 500 companies like Southwest Airlines, AMD and GE drive results and provide their employees with even greater business acumen. And they’re doing a pretty stand-up job – the company now brings in multi-million dollars in revenue amid rave reviews from clients. Boom.

What’s really awesome is how the Enspire Learning team prides themselves on being “the bright spot in the darkness” for businesses by delivering innovative and effective learning experiences that truly deliver results and growth. With such a focus on unleashing business potential, we at Far West Capital can’t wait to see what they do next.

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