Entrepreneurial Heroes: Ilia Papas & Matthew Wadiak

Like many entrepreneurs, Matt Salzberg’s business journey began by recognizing a need. A former venture capitalist and Harvard Business grad, Salzberg faced the challenge that many of us are all too familiar with – wanting to eat healthy but not having enough time. After realizing that other professionals were in the same boat, he and co-founders Ilia Papas and Matthew Wadiak started Blue Apron, a food delivery service that provides subscribers with fresh ingredients to easily prepare healthy meals.

With the help of investors and a well-balanced team, Blue Apron is growing at a rapid pace. The company now delivers over 100,000 meals a week and has evolved to the largest service of its kind in America – not too shabby for being founded in 2012.

However, all that growth hasn’t been easy. As one would imagine, the logistics of creating recipes, gathering ingredients and delivering mass quantities of food are extremely complicated. To manage, Salzberg and his team make it a point to stay concentrated on their goals.

His advice for fellow entrepreneurs? “Focus on that one thing you do and do it well.” We couldn’t agree more and look forward to the continued success of Matt, his team and Blue Apron.

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