Entrepreneur’s Work Life Balance

Some people may argue work life balance doesn’t exist for entrepreneurs. You live, breathe, stress and put everything into your company, and when it calls, you answer. Whatever turns passion into reality, you’re working at it diligently. You sacrifice a lot as an entrepreneur, and many times your work is your life. So, many may want to call it just “balance,” but you do need to find ways to help keep your sanity. Here are three.


1. Set Priorities

Your company is important to you, but family and friends should also be a priority. Do you make it a point to stop working for family events or to have dinner with friends? What would you regret missing out on?


2. Take Care of You

Being productive and performing your best takes good sleep, food and exercise. Sacrificing your sanity and energy won’t do your company much good. Yoga is a priority for me, so I make sure to make time for it.


3. Be Better About Time Management

What competes for your time? How efficient are you when you are working? What distracts you from efficient work? Know how you can work the best and create a great environment. Rid your life of Facebook if needed!


What do you think about work life balance? How do you keep sane as an entrepreneur?

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