EO Austin Presents EO 24 Free Half-Day Conference

One of the many benefits of EO is that it offers a number of opportunities for business growth and self-development for its members. We are excited to share a unique opportunity coming up that is open and free for non-members.

EO chapters around the world are hosting events within a 24-hour period to celebrate entrepreneurs and drive business growth and innovation.  EO Austin is hosting a free half-day conference on Thursday, November 15th from 8:30–11:30 a.m. at Headspring’s headquarters in Austin, TX.

World-renowned speaker, Sharon Birkman, will speak about The Birkman Method®, which is an industry-leading personality assessment tool.  It allows people to become more self-aware, learn how to self-motivate, be more effective, alleviate stress, find what they excel at and learn to use those strengths to their advantage.

The event is free, but attendees must pre-register and complete the Birkman Method assessment before November 5th.  A short evaluation will be emailed after completing the assessment and a comprehensive report will be shared at the event. Only 75 spots are available and they’re going fast!

If you’d like to attend, register now at: http://eoaustin24.eventbrite.com.

EO will be live streaming events from around the world at: http://events.eonetwork.org/eo24/.

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