EO Austin Round Up 2012

We’re excited to be a part of EO Austin Round Up this year. The event on April 12–14, 2012 will provide current EO members from Texas and the surrounding states with a rare and unforgettable experience. A fantastic group of speakers will be sharing their business and life lessons, and Round Up is an opportunity to re-ignite entrepreneurship passions and network with fellow EO members.

Featured speakers include: Herb Kelleher, co-founder and former CEO of Southwest Airlines; Nando Parrado, survivor, Miracle in the Andes; George Nadaff, Founder of New Boston Chicken (Boston Market) and Kindercare; and Mary Ellen Weber, NASA Astronaut, World Record Holder. Lanham Napier, the CEO of Rackspace; Dr. William Cunningham, UT Systems and Lincoln Financial; along with a VIP lunch speaker at Whole Foods will also be presenting at the event.

EO is a dynamic, global network of more than 8,000 business owners in 38 countries. Focusing on supporting, educating, and encouraging entrepreneurs, EO provides continuous networking and learning opportunities. We love being members of EO Austin and mentoring members of EO Austin’s Accelerator program for younger entrepreneurs. If you have any questions about joining EO or Accelerator, let us know and we’d love to share our insight.

For more information about EO Austin, visit http://eoaccess.eonetwork.org/Austin.

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