Far West Capital Visits Grameen America

Reyna started her own t-shirt business with a microloan from Grameen America.

On May 26, 2015 we visited the Grameen America Austin branch to celebrate our donation from our Far Reaching Campaign. We were able to raise over $154,000 for Grameen America so we figured there was no better way to celebrate than by meeting some of the women face-to-face.

On the wall when you first walk in is a poster that says “Discipline, Unity, Hard Work: Is The Key To Success” with an identical one in Spanish right beside it. As a company with our own strong dependency on core values, we have to admit it was a little heartwarming to see theirs so proudly displayed.

We were able to sit down and speak with a few of the women who have benefitted from Grameen America and learn their stories. We quickly learned that the core values hanging on the wall weren’t just for decoration, but an actual staple of their lives.

Cole Harmonson_Grameen America

One entrepreneur, Claudia, spoke about the four little reasons why this program was so important to her. “I’m doing this because I have four children and I want to advance their lives as well as mine,” said Claudia.

Other women gave similar testimonies about how having their own business has allowed them to provide for their families in a way not possible before. Maria shed light on the other possibilities that being an entrepreneur have helped her family.

Grameen America Austin2

“I’m able to spend more quality time with my kids while making money. I’m able to provide a better future for my kids by spending time for them while also providing for them financially,” said Maria.

This program doesn’t just help women succeed, it helps their children, and as an extension, the community at large. We left with the celebration with the gratification of knowing that we are helping these low-income women unleash their potential and make their dreams come true.

Grameen America Austin3

We would like to thank all of you who helped us make this possible. Click here to learn more about our 2015 Far Reaching campaign.

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