A Mother, a Daughter, a Dream and a Truck

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Five years ago, Verónica Barraza was driving alone.

She had just gone out on her own, forming J&V Trucking in 2011. She’d been driving for about 10 years, and finally, she’d put together the money to buy her own truck.

At home, her daughter Vianney worked the phones, acting as her mother’s dispatcher.

Verónica is still a rarity in the trucking business, as a driver, as a single mother, and now, as an owner.

Photo of Verónica Barraza and her daughter Vianney

Verónica Barraza (left) and her daughter, Vianney

Only 5% of drivers nationally are women, according to Bureau of Labor statistics; with a nationwide driver shortage, many companies are now trying to recruit more women. They’re less likely to crash, and according to Ellen Voie, president of the Women in Trucking association, they’re better at a lot of things.

It’s rewarding that carriers see the value to hiring more women. They tell me, ‘Ellen, bring us more women!.’ They tell me that women are often better with equipment and better with customers. It’s proven that women take fewer risks. And of course, there’s no reason that women can’t do the job. Technology is making it more driver-friendly for everyone so it’s not as physically demanding.

Even so, when you’re a woman in trucking, the tiniest things can turn into challenges. Showering. Driving alone, driving at night. But Verónica never seemed to mind. A single mother, she lights up when she’s talking about the dreams she has for her kids, and her own ambitions.

She decided she was going to make this happen, and she has. “You can do anything you want, ” she says.

Everything comes out of dedication and hard work, so there’s no excuse for not doing what you plan to do.

Verónica’s company grew quickly… but all that growth needed financial support.

Picture of JV Trucking vehicles

Trucks from the JV Trucking Fleet

Today, Verónica’s company has twenty-two trucks and three full-time office staff. From the beginning, they’ve relied on us to ensure that no matter when their invoices get paid, they can pay their drivers immediately, a huge deal in an industry where drivers often get paid weeks or months later. Verónica and her staff can keep their trucks maintained, and cover emergencies.

“We normally see our clients grow,” says Far West Capital account manager Viri Lopez. “They usually get 2 or 3 new trucks every year. But Verónica’s growth in the last two years has been astounding. I’ve even sat with her to congratulate her, and her mind was totally blown when she recapped all that she’s done. It’s incredible, but as she says ‘the only thing I do is wake up in the morning and go to work.’ ”

We’re so inspired by Verónica’s success – and glad we can be here in El Paso to support her in person.

For Verónica, having Far West Capital nearby and available in person is a big deal.

They’ve helped with advice, service and professionalism; plus, it’s an advantage that they know Spanish. If they notice I don’t understand something, they explain it to me in Spanish.

And for Viri, working with Verónica is an inspiration.

We’ve known each other for five years now, and I know about her life, and how she just wants the best for her kids, and she tells me about what she wants to accomplish. It’s incredible. It’s very easy to work with someone like that, because all these emotions are contagious. And as a woman, I know all that she has to go through every day, and that just makes what she’s accomplished so much more impressive.

It makes me feel like I can do anything.

Far West Capital is in the business of funding the goals of high-growth entrepreneurs. Know a great company in need of capital to unleash their potential? Send them here and we’ll give them a call.

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  • Marta Loya

    Veronica you go girl! As a female insurance agent selling truck insurance I know trucking can be gut wrenching and my Hat off to you my dear! We wish you continued success.

  • Jim Comer

    Very inspiring story. That is what makes America, giving women the opportunity to move ahead and get a piece of the pie.

  • moises elias

    My cousin is very strong and a hardworker. But is humble.
    She loves her parents. I love you cousin.

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