How to Hire an Assistant and Get Time Back in Your Day – for Free


When Cole tells people about his morning routine, the first reaction he gets: “Ugh. I wish I had the time.” A familiar song follows: email must be checked, the kids need to get to school, the trash needs to go out, emails must be checked again, meetings must be set, and did you remember to pick up the drycleaning?

Enter Amy. Amy’s only job is to schedule meetings, and Amy schedules meetings unbelievably well. She sees all your emails, and with few exceptions, rarely needs to talk to you to just know when you’re free, how long you want to meet, and how you want to respond to that person. By the time you’ve seen the email, Amy has already emailed back and forth with your colleague to sort out times, and has a meeting set up for you with enough time to get there from your previous meeting.

How great would it be to have an Amy? But I can’t afford an Amy, you say. And I don’t have room in my budget for someone whose only job is to schedule meetings.

Good thing Amy is actually a robot, called x.Ai. It scans your emails, knows your patterns, and talks to your clients or contacts as though it were a real person until it gets to a confirmed meeting time.

See, the average business spends 4.8 hours a week just scheduling meetings. That’s nearly five hours of time you could get back in your week. There, now you have time to meditate.

Our technology and data is invisible to our clients, but we wouldn’t be able to deliver our level of service without it. Our staff are all best in class, but without the data that helps us do our job, we’d need to keep a lot of information in our heads and do a lot more legwork – and that would get in the way of our 150% commitment to customer service.

But even if you don’t have that kind of infrastructure, new technology like will start becoming more and more useful to small businesses who desperately need more time in their day. More time to think about goals, about innovation, about your clients’ real needs. And even if you have an administrative staff, just imagine what they could get done if they didn’t need to deal with your calendar.

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