How to Beat Your Inner Critic

You might be familiar with this situation. You think of a great idea or a great opportunity arrives at your door. At first, you’re very excited about it, but then, your inner critic comes knocking, you start filling your head with negativity, and you start thinking “why waste my time on something I know will fail?”

We’ve all been there. We’re our own worst critic. Somewhere in our thought process, we lose confidence in our abilities and think of the worst possible outcome. Then our goals seem far-fetched and pointless. What can you do to squash your inner critic? Here are a couple of tips.

1. Surround yourself with motivating mentors and friends that are honest, supportive and positive.

2. Remind yourself of your strengths and your capability. Relax! It’s likely that your thoughts of failure are exaggerated. If needed, keep a list of these reminders nearby or find a mind-clearing activity like yoga to help you re-charge with positive thoughts.

3. Move forward. Analyze why you think you will fail and what fears hinder you from strongly moving forward. Think about what resources you have and can obtain to succeed.

How do you combat your self-doubt?

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