How to Unleash Your Employees’ Potential

employeesA few months ago, we posted an article on How to Help Clients Unleash Their Potential, which was featured in The Secured Lender’s April issue. To follow up with this, we’ll delve into an equally important subject: how to unleash your employees’ potential.

Your employees are essentially the foundation of your business—the hardworking staff members who you’ve selected to drive your company to its highest level of success. It’s crucial to foster an environment in which your employees can thrive and maximize their potential because, at the end of the day, your business depends on them.

Here are a few tips on how to unleash their potential and ensure your employees are making the most out of their time at the office.

  1. Be transparent
    It’s important that you’re honest with your employees about expectations and deadlines. On the same token, they should feel comfortable approaching you if they truly have too much on their plate. At Far West Capital, we make sure to have an ongoing conversation with all employees regarding the status of their work and how they are doing at the company. This creates an environment where communication flows openly, and no one is ever afraid to speak up. Also, by providing feedback and positive recognition when your employee does something great, you can inspire higher performance and increase employee confidence.
  2. Appreciate diversity
    Each of your employees is different. They all come from varying backgrounds and walks of life, and it’s important to recognize these differences when approaching them with expectations. You must have a willingness to withhold judgment and acknowledge the benefits of alternate views. This may require helping other colleagues become comfortable with differences as well. Diversity in the workplace is more than just acceptable — it’s desirable. Realizing that each employee has unique needs and work styles will help you to help them unleash their potential.
  3. Challenge them
    If you notice that some employees experiencing too much free time, they may not feel challenged enough, which can lead to lack of passion and excitement for the company vision. Give them tasks that will stimulate, push them out of their comfort zone, and encourage out-of-the-box thinking. (Of course, if even then they’re still using their free time to twiddle their fingers or browse Facebook, it may be time to consider replacing them).

Take action using these steps outlined above, and you’ll be on your way to unleashing the potential of each and every employee – and therefore, your company as a whole. Afterall, your business depends on it.

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