Inspiring Words From Red Raider Baron Batch

A fellow Red Raider sent me a link to an article written by Baron Batch, former running back for Texas Tech and current, newly drafted running back for the Pittsburg Steelers. It’s a great article, and I recommend you reading it. In the article, Batch shares his wise observation and thought-provoking anecdote about ripples:

“Of course each of us has our own ripple, but our lives are primarily made up of other people’s ripples crashing into our own. Many people like to think that our ripples crash randomly into each other without purpose or reason. Maybe that’s true, but then again maybe it’s not true at all. Perhaps I can help you decide. Maybe this story is the result of many ripples just coincidentally crashing into each other. Or maybe each ripple was ordered, measured, weighed, named, and timed perfectly to synchronize with the others to save a life.”

Batch’s life story (read it here) is a clear and inspiring example of how hard work and faith can bring you success. Here’s one last inspirational bit from Batch:

You don’t have to become a victim to your situation. You can overcome it. Problems don’t exist, only obstacles, so hurdle them. This is what makes you strong. You will fall, and when you do, get up because the world is still turning. Don’t lie on the ground because few sincere hands will be extended. However, once a sincere and trusted hand is offered, quickly grab it and never let go, because you can’t do it on your own. When you overcome your situation, never be ashamed to talk about it like I have been until now, but never use it as an excuse or crutch. Others need to hear that there is hope for people like us. I know what you are going through. Have faith. Everything will be OK. I’m flattered that I’m your hero, but please understand this one thing. I’m not just kind of like you. I am you.

I’m not sure how long he will continue to write his column for the Lubbock Avalanche–Journal, but you can find his personal blog full of insightful writing here:

Guns up.

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