Introducing Mission Capital

It is undeniable that Austin is a rapidly growing community (just ask anyone who has ever been stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Mopac or I-35). With community growth comes social challenges, which is why I have been heavily involved in Greenlights, a strategic planning nonprofit group here in Austin, for quite some time. Recently, Greenlights has gone through a period of reflection and rebranding and is now ready to serve the community as Mission Capital.

With their new name, Mission Capital is taking on some new goals. In addition to nonprofit strengthening, Mission Capital is now striving to help with community problem-solving. The organization has expanded in an effort to achieve these new goals and has created some exciting new partnerships to get the job done.

By combining human, financial, intellectual, social and political capital with mission-driven people and organizations, Mission Capital is able to provide tools and guidance in a unique way. This helps non-profits multiply their efforts to solve the complex community problems we face.

The rebrand also features a new tagline: “To the power of good.” This tagline encompasses Mission Capital’s goal to embrace the good in nonprofits and strive to create lasting social change.

It is an exciting time for Mission Capital and the Austin community. If you have the time, I strongly suggest you check out Mission Capital’s website and learn more about their efforts.

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