Trucker Chases His Dream in El Paso

Javier Delgado wanted to start over.

Before, he worked as a newspaper journalist in Juarez, moonlighting at a local radio station doing sports commentary, attending police academy on the side. It was a risky life; working as a journalist in Juarez sometimes meant reporting about dangerous folks – the cartels, corruption, dark politics.

He wanted to start his own company in the United States, but getting the necessary paperwork in order was a challenge, financially and logistically. Eventually, he sold everything he owned in Juarez and left his family behind in Chihuahua, moving to El Paso to chase his dream.

At first, he drove for other people. Finally, he managed to find an old truck he could buy cheap and repair himself, a Peterbilt 378 he calls “Big Remy” after his father. Finally he managed, moving his family to El Paso. And a year ago, another dream came true: Javier filed paperwork to register Repor Logistics, a trucking company with one truck and one driver – himself.

Viri Lopez, Account Manager in Far West Capital’s El Paso office, met Javier when he was registering his company for its “authority” paperwork; he had also heard of us through another client, and he and Viri made an instant connection. “He is such a sweet man,” she says.

Sweet, and determined. Javier runs his company from his truck, booking loads and managing its finances in its cabin. He set a goal to deliver 100 loads in his first year of operation.

“Javier is still learning English, but his desire to offer the best he can for his family and his hunger to succeed makes the sky the limit,” Viri says.

This August, a year in, with Far West Capital standing behind him to handle collections and make sure his invoices are paid, Javier delivered his 100th load, posting a note of gratitude to thank Far West Capital for all their help.

“If your head is aching just from thinking about collecting invoices, demanding and begging to get paid, you should really stop suffering and just work with Far West Capital. They’re really the experts, know what they do, and do it for you on a low commission,” Javier posted on Facebook.

“It’s our honor,” Viri says, “to be part of such a milestone. We’ll be there for the next 100, and the next 1,000.”

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