Looking Back on 10 Years of My Journal

Journal appreciation time.

Ten years ago I sat down with my good friend, mentor, and successful businessman John Henry McDonald.  I had just started my business, and I needed help. “How did you do it?” I asked. “How did you keep your focus on the right things and ignore all the distractions?”

He opened up a journal, filled with writing and little drawings.

He said, “I’ve been writing in this journal every day since 1984. That’s your answer.”

It wasn’t as easy as it looks, let me tell ya. But ten years later, the habit is inviolable: I write every single morning. 

I looked back on those old journals recently, right after Far West Capital turned 10; it has definitely been a decade of change, transformation, failure, and success. The journals kept me on track.

Here’s what I wrote about the process for Forbes. I’d love to hear your journal process – please comment here and I’ll incorporate them into a future post.

Cole Harmonson is the CEO of Far West Capital, a company that funds the goals of high-growth entrepreneurs. Know a great company in need of capital to unleash their potential? Send them here and we’ll give them a call.

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