Monitor Your Heart Rate & Your Stress With These New Tools

Did you know your heart rate variability (HRV) is an indicator of your overall health? And that you can work on improving it? A wrist strap by the name of Whoop – a.k.a. “The First Product Engineered to Unlock Human Performance” – as well as this HeartMath Institute app are both great monitoring tools to help you keep track.

HRV monitoring with the Whoop bracelet helps you eliminate the guesswork. It’s being used by athletes to elevate their workouts and prevent overtraining. But it’s not just athletes getting a benefit; the Whoop can be used by anyone (cough-cough entrepreneurs) to manage and reduce stress and significantly improve their health.

whoop heartmath physiology

Anyone considering lifestyle changes  will benefit from tracking their HRV daily.

Here’s how it works: a higher HRV suggests a relaxed, low-stress physiological setting, while a lower HRV indicates a need for recovery, rest, and sleep. The Whoop has five sensors that collect data 100 times per second, gathering 100 megabytes of data per user, per day. It doesn’t miss a beat.

heartmath whoop bracelet track hrv

Research from the HeartMath Institute shows that positive emotions can help change our stress-producing feelings and perceptions. As we take charge of our emotions, we can reduce and prevent much of the strain we experience. This positively affects both our emotional and physical levels, and shows up in a more consistent HRV. As we learn to counterbalance and transform our stress, we become mindful contributors to our own health, balance, and self-actualization.

Heart rate variability is a strong indicative marker for general health and resiliency. Bottom line: be in control of your physiology to perform at your best.

Have you tried either the Whoop bracelet or tracked your HRV? I’d love to hear from you.

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