More Than Working Capital: Best Talent

This post is a part of our blog series called “More Than Working Capital.” We know it takes “more than working capital” for a business to be successful, and we will occasionally post about what we think is important for successful leadership, a successful career and/or a successful business.

Last summer, we held a social media contest for an autographed football and wrote about how identifying and developing great talent was an important part of a successful organization. When hiring, you should think about the candidate’s potential and not only what they have accomplished. What do you need to look for in a potential hire to ensure they are the best talent to add to the team? Here are four things to look for in potential hires.

1. Industry/Work Passion

Is the potential hire passionate about the industry and the work they will be doing? People who are passionate about their job will produce the best work.

2. Company Alliance

Is the potential hire on board with the company’s goals and values? Does he/she understand what it will take to reach the company goals? People who are passionate about their company will work harder for the company’s success.

3. Career Development Goals

What career development goals does your potential hire have? Great talent is always growing and developing personally and professionally. Potential hires with these goals will use their constantly expanding skills to produce great work.

4. Open-mindedness

How open-minded is your potential hire? Is he/she willing to put aside his/her work processes to try ones that have been proven successful at your company? Is he/she constantly thinking of new ideas to bring to the table?

What else would you suggest to look for in hiring new talent?

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