A New Economic Narrative: Money Doesn’t Equal Prosperity

I recently read an article about how the narrative of what it means to be prosperous is changing. While prosperity is something that every sector of society seeks, it seems that when you ask people what it is or how to achieve it, no one actually knows. Everywhere we go, the media tries to convince us that we need prosperity to be significant or that we must have something to experience true happiness.

However, research has proven that the idea of money equaling happiness is actually false. Sure, money can make your life a lot easier, but at the end of the day, prosperity isn’t defined by the size of your bank account. Recent trends, such as the rejection of home and car ownership, suggest that people are looking for meaning and relationships over the accumulation of stuff. There are many reasons why money can’t buy happiness, and here are a few that I firmly believe in:

  1. Money doesn’t buy time: Many wealthy people spend their lives working way too much. When they aren’t working, they are trying to figure out what to do with their excess money. Should they save it, spend it or invest it? It often consumes so much of their time that they don’t stop to enjoy the pleasures of life.
  2. Money will never be enough: Another reason why money doesn’t buy happiness is that no matter how much you have, it will never be enough. You may think you’ll be happy when you buy a second home or purchase the car you’ve always dreamed of, but once you have that, you’ll wish you had more. Yes, money can buy stuff you want and need, but the gluttony will not sustain you for long.
  3. Money doesn’t buy a carefree life: Many people believe money makes life easier, but it actually complicates things quite a bit. Along with wealth comes the fear that people only want to be around you for your money. Even if this isn’t true, it can cause you to second guess the motives behind the people seeking relationships with you.

Do you think money equals prosperity?

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