They Saw the Future of Media, and Found a Way to Build It

The right partner

It started the way these things so often do: with a lucky conversation.

Gabriel Spitz was feeling stuck. A keen observer of media and entertainment, he could see the future: he knew that the world was changing, and new innovative approaches and fresh creativity would be needed more and more. That content would change, and access to that content would change, and media companies would need to build new ways of distributing that content to their customers.

He had founded a company to do just that, and found some partners to help fund and run it. But he felt alone, stalled, unheard by his partners, living in Argentina and looking out at global trends moving on without him.

When he struck up a conversation with Adrian Sicilia at an asado, the Argentinian bbq tradition that’s part family reunion, part community social event, part full-on party, they quickly discovered they had a lot in common.

Both had played cello as kids. Both had been working in the media industry. And both were looking to the future, seeing all of our worlds change as they spoke.

factoring financing in all media gabriel spits

Gabriel Spitz, President & co-founder, In All Media

Adrian Sicilia, CEO & co-founder, In All Media










It would be the first of many conversations, and soon Gabriel invited Adrian to join him at his firm as business development director. They inspired each other, pushed each other. But it didn’t last long.

A dream lost

Gabriel’s original partners and investors decided they wanted to sell. A buyer was quickly found and a sale negotiated, over his strong objections.

“It was a bad sale,” Gabriel says now. But he didn’t have a choice in the matter. The investors he had taken on in order to have the capital that made the business work in the first place – they were now the reason he would no longer have a business.

He and Adrian were forced to work for the buyer for a few years. Then their non-compete expired, and the two immediately left to found the company they wanted in the beginning. They’d call it “In All Media.”

“So many companies, here in the US and elsewhere, were on the verge of major technology change – and not just media. Energy. Healthcare. All facing radical change from technology; their clients were looking for more information, more access, more flexibility,” Gabriel says.

“We wanted to bring innovation to them at a reasonable cost, the kind of innovation they couldn’t necessarily produce internally.” – Gabriel

Finding financial autonomy

Gabriel and Adrian hit the ground running. In just two years, In All Media racked up some impressive successes. A mobile platform for NBC. An animation delivery system for complex security systems during international events. A platform for sales representatives that would be able to quickly adapt to their needs. They had employees in several countries and many time zones.

But their biggest limitation was still money. A company like In All Media relies on creative, innovative people to compete for those big projects; and talent like that doesn’t come cheap. Yet they were winning more work, more projects, and growth was happening regardless – the cashflow just wasn’t consistent enough.

Gabriel knew they couldn’t go back to relying on investors. This time, he wouldn’t be pushed out of his own company. It was Adrian that suggested factoring as an option, and it made sense for them – they had large invoices that weren’t always paid on time, and a clear need for working capital.

The first factoring firm they found was a bad fit, inflexible in its requirements and not understanding of their unique needs. Then Gabriel was referred to us, through friends in Austin.

“I was very upfront that I’d already had a bad experience, and that we had some unique needs. They listened. From that point on it was obvious that both of us prioritized a long term relationship,” Gabriel says.

“I was hearing from Far West Capital the same thing I say to our clients: We look at how long we can work with our clients. How we can be a trusted partner. How we can have a relationship.” – Gabriel 

And “my gut was right,” Gabriel says now. “They always seem to know what we need, and if they can’t help, they refer us elsewhere. I’m confident that they can fix anything that comes up.”

From our side, VP David Phillips was similarly impressed – by the business, and by the person, this entrepreneur who had managed to build a multimillion dollar business in just two years.

“What stuck out to me about Gabriel was his story – he’s very humble, but also quite an accomplished guy. It’s impossible to not be impressed by his creativity and innovative spirit.”

In David’s view, Gabriel and Adrian have only just begun.

“I think every organization, for better or worse, is a reflection of the leadership. Knowing Gabriel, I would bet money that the organization communicates really well, is very collaborative, very low-politics, very transparent. Those are all ways I’d describe Gabriel. I’m not surprised they’re having success. I’m just proud we can play a role.”

For us at Far West Capital, Gabriel and Adrian are the kind of entrepreneurial heroes that we just want to say “yes” to. Yes, we can scale your capital with you as you grow, no matter how fast that is. Yes, we can think outside the box. Yes, we can introduce you to our network and our contacts. Yes, because we see your leadership, your creativity, your innovation, your passion.

Yes, because we’re here to unleash potential – and Gabriel and Adrian have it, in spades.

Far West Capital is in the business of funding the goals of high-growth entrepreneurs. Know a great company in need of capital to unleash their potential? Send them here and we’ll give them a call.

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