Set Your Eyes on 2012

As you prepare to stretch your pants and stuff your face with all the delicious foods this holiday season, don’t forget the end of the season brings a new year and a new opportunity to set personal goals and resolutions.


As we make way to the conclusion of 2011, many of us are also forced to face the year’s unaccomplished and unfinished goals. According to a Miller and Marlatt survey on New Year’s goals, 75% of people who set resolutions fail on their first attempt. With a new year approaching, we often fear and wonder – based on past experiences – whether setting goals is pointless and irrelevant to success. However, according to a USA Today article, experts agree these goals are important to set and with some tweaks, can prove major pay-offs. In a culture that believes in a fresh start at the beginning of the new year and putting the old behind us, setting goals is an opportunity to move forward and enable change. According to research, 50% of people are sticking to their goals with the first five to six months out, which is impressive. Even with failure, our initial success can lay the groundwork for later improvement.


So, if you might haven’t met all your goals from 2011, there is no need to worry because just by setting and acknowledging them, you are making steps towards accomplishing them. There’s no better time than now to start setting your new goals to keep you progressing to success.


In our next blog post, we’ll talk about ways to keep your new resolutions and accomplish your goals.


What are your 2012 New Year Resolutions? The time to start thinking about it is now!

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