Stop Waiting, Just Start!

At Far West Capital, we give a lot of focus to our goals and how we (our team) can help our customers reach their goals. Have you reviewed the progress of your professional and personal goals recently? How much and why are you succeeding? Do you need to spend more time on certain goals?

As you review your goals, think, “why not today?” Eventually, waiting for the right time will become a string of unfulfilled tomorrows. If you want to accomplish something, make a plan and go for it. Just start and if it’s really important, you will find the time and effort to accomplish it.

Wellness is one of our goals and bikram yoga has become an important part of our lives.  We encourage people to try it and if you’ve been waiting for an “opportune” time, here’s your sign! Pure Bikram Yoga in Austin has a great Groupon deal beginning today, May 15th for a discounted class card.


Don’t let excuses keep you from reaching your goals. Just start!

How do you motivate yourself to accomplish your goals?

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