Tackling Entrepreneurial Fears: Consuming Your Life

This post is part 4 in the 5 part series about the top fears entrepreneurs face. You can read part 1 here, part 2 here and part 3 here.

Although Halloween is behind us, the fears accompanying entrepreneurship still linger around like ghosts. As we continue our five part series about tackling entrepreneurship fears, today we will discuss how to overcome the fear of your business consuming your life.

The idea of losing precious time with family and friends as well as personal time for you can be overwhelmingly terrifying. Many business owners believe their lives should revolve around their business. That is, an entrepreneur’s business should be the air they breathe; the food they eat and the water they drink. But being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you have to choose between running your business and maintaining your personal life. You can ease the stress and manage the workload by learning to balance the two important aspects.

1. Step away.

Give yourself time, at least one day off during the week, to spend with those you love and doing things you love. Time away from your business will not maintain your personal life, but it can also keep your passion for your business alive.

2. Take time to relax every day.

Take 15-20 minutes each day to take deep breaths in silence so you can give your mind a break and help you refocus. Take a walk or drive to grab lunch to take your mind off of work.

3. Ask for help.

This could mean hiring more people to help you with tasks you might not have time, getting advice from peers, or by forming a company advisory board or discussion group. Remember that asking for help doesn’t show weakness, in fact it shows leadership.

As an entrepreneur, pursuing your business while maintaining a personal life is achievable if you set aside time to keep your sanity. You and your business will be thankful later if you do so.

How do you keep your business from consuming your life?

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