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We recently watched a talk led by Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute, which provided an eye-opening vision for American social justice. Contrary to the progressive policies for assisting the poor that shape our nation today, Brooks stresses the importance of what he calls the “hope” agenda – that is, the promotion of work, entrepreneurship and education.

Work and entrepreneurship, as Brooks points out, are invaluable tools when it comes to creating personal worth. Whether you’re working a smaller part-time job or have created your own company, you are given the opportunity to build a life you can be proud of. For those who have pulled themselves out of poverty through jobs and entrepreneurship, the point is not about money, it’s about creating “a life bespoke to the way [they] see fit.” In similar regard, the root of successful education is not funding either – it’s choice and innovation. If you want to truly help the poor, throwing money towards education initiatives isn’t going to solve anything. Drive and innovative ideas must be there too.

We couldn’t agree more with Dr. Brooks’ philosophy. In fact, these ideas are a large part of the passion behind Far Reaching, our Social Impact Initiative benefiting Grameen America. By providing affordable credit, training and support, Grameen aims to fight poverty by helping impoverished women create small businesses. These results create a ripple effect, allowing these women to not only better the lives of themselves and their families, but to also create jobs for others in the process.

Our Far Reaching social mission is to galvanize as many entrepreneurial success stories as possible so that we can begin eliminating poverty through the power in people. By teaming up with hand-selected initiatives, nonprofit partners, and cultivating our own initiatives, Far West Capital believes that Dr. Brooks’ “hope agenda” will be carried out, leaving the world a better place than we found it, through the power of entrepreneurship.

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