The Super Bowl Opportunity

Last weekend, a homeless couple in Green Bay won the experience of a lifetime – one that I’m sure a lot of football fans wish they could have this coming weekend.

As Ouida Wright and her boyfriend, Aaron Hermes, were walking around downtown Green Bay this past weekend, strangers would stop them and ask, “Have you been to Dallas lately?” The couple quickly learned the Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau was holding a Super Bowl contest (you had to find the Dallas Convention and Visitor’s Bureau representative and ask him “Have you been to Dallas lately?” in order to win) and they joined the search to find the right man and be the first to ask the question. On their fourth try, they hit the jackpot. Their prize? The ultimate
Super Bowl package that includes tickets to the Super Bowl, a hotel room and travel expenses. And to think they only had 90 cents in their pockets and have been living in a homeless shelter for two months.

It might have been silly of the couple to frantically run around questioning strangers, especially since they didn’t know if there really was a contest, but taking advantage of the opportunity definitely paid off in this case. How many times do we pass up opportunities when they could turn out to be something great? Have you ever put off or forget to follow-up with people you meet at networking events or skipped a networking event because of a lame excuse? What is your “Super Bowl Opportunity” that you could turn into a great business deal or an experience of a lifetime? Make this your year of no excuses and take advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

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