Three Ways to Stand Out in Your Industry

Customers have a lot of options these days. It’s necessary to differentiate your company in the crowd and show why a person should be a repeat customer. Here are three ways to stand out in your industry.

1. Stellar Customer Service
You can have a great product at a great price, but your customer service can make or break the relationship. For example, a few months ago, I visited a highly acclaimed restaurant in town. The venue is beautiful and the food was superb, but the customer service was bad enough for me to think twice about returning and I haven’t been back.

How do you treat your customers? Is the experience you give them something they can’t wait to tell everyone about?

2. Meet Your Customers Where They Are
Social media may be a new thing to some people, but it is quickly spreading to many industries and demographics. Is your audience on Facebook, Twitter and/or LinkedIn? Being active on social media can help build your relationships with customers. We like to use social media to pass along interesting news or articles to our fans, followers and customers.

We’d like to connect with you!

3. Get to Know People
Another way to stand out in your industry is to build your network. How big is your network? A great way to build your network is to attend networking events, ask for introductions, and join professional organizations. After meeting new people, how well do you foster those relationships? Think about what you can do for them rather than what you can get out of the relationship.

What are some other suggestions about standing out in your industry?

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