Top 4 Must-Have Apps for Entrepreneurs

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly on the go in order to make our companies run. From sending emails to coordinating phone meetings, we need to be ready for action at all times of the day.  That being said, the use of mobile technology is increasingly important for carrying out your business. And the saying, “there’s an app for that” certainly applies, as there are literally hundreds of business-focused applications designed to help your company thrive in today’s fast-paced working environment. Need some guidance? Here are four of our favorites: 

Finances are made simple through Mint, an app that allows you to easily track each component of your personal finance activity right from your phone. Whether you need to manage budgets, view bank account activity or even track spending patterns, Mint provides a one-stop-shop financial management system for busy entrepreneurs.

Fed-Ex Office
With the constant need to make shipments and get posters or presentations printed in a timely manner, Fed-Ex can often feel like a second home to some business owners. Thankfully, there’s Fed-Ex Office, which enables entrepreneurs (or anyone, for that matter) to send files straight to the source, making for a much easier trip to the Fed-Ex store when the time comes to pick up. The app even links to DropBox and Google Drive, giving you easy access to your files no matter where you are. Talk about convenient.

Ever feel like you need a personal assistant? Check out Zirtual, the app that connects you to a real-life, college educated, American-based assistant to help you with whatever tasks you may be struggling to find the time for throughout the day.  From calendar management to scheduling travel, your ZA (Zirtual Assistant) will take care of any administrative tasks you need taken off your plate, communicated all through the click of an app. Monthly plans start at $199 – but for many, it’s a cost well-worth paying.

We’ve all been there – you have the most brilliant idea ever while out and about and frantically try to write it down on whatever you can get your hands on. Usually this means napkins or receipts, which basically means your million-dollar idea will be lost within an hour. ScannerPro has eliminated this problem by transforming iPhones and iPads into virtual scanners, allowing users to scan documents and instantly transform them into shareable PDFs. And it’s not just those hard-to-remember ideas that benefit – you can scan virtually any business-related document using the app.

What mobile apps help your business?

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