Transition Back to Productivity

Welcome back to the office! The chaotic shopping and gift wrapping time is over. They’ve stopped playing Christmas music on the radio. The champagne was popped and drank. And the New Year is finally here. How do you get over your holiday slump and back into a productive mode at work? Are you ready to make it a successful year?

It might take a little effort to get back into the swing of things. Here are three quick tips to leave your holiday laziness behind and get moving.

1. Encourage Your Team

A good way to get yourself energized is to outwardly energize your team. Talk to them about this year’s goals and what you all will accomplish this year. Be positive and uplifting.

2. Focus on Your Core Purpose

Thinking about your company’s mission statement will help you put your mind back on the right track. Are you and your team ready to live out the company’s core purpose? What steps will your team take to accomplish this?

3. Jump Into It

The easiest way to get back into the swing of things is to just start somewhere. Make a list of tasks and start tackling it. Devote 30 minutes to catching up and cleaning out your email. Make a list of people you need to call and start checking them off. Just start somewhere instead of being overwhelmed.

How do you transition back to productivity?

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