Unleash Your Potential: Languages of Love

With Valentine’s Day readily approaching, the Far West Capital Book Club decided to get into the holiday spirit and read The 5 Love Languages by noted author Gary Chapman. For the past 20 plus years, The 5 Love Languages has been on the bestseller list and a go-to for relationship advice. Since our business is all about working with people and building relationships, we thought it could help shed some light on how to better interact with our awesome clients. 

The book identifies five “love languages” and illustrates how to recognize and tailor your interactions to people’s individual “language”.  According to the book, the five love languages are: Quality Time; Words of Affirmation; Receiving Gifts; Physical Touch and Acts of Service. Once you’ve pinpointed a person’s specific language, you open up a whole new range of possibilities in communicating with them making your interactions more engaged, thoughtful and insightful. Who wouldn’t love that?

To give you a sample of some of the languages, we’ve summarized three of the five to give you a taste of how you can incorporate them into your workplace and, maybe your own personal life as well.  To see all five and read more about each language, click HERE.

Words of Affirmation
It seems obvious that using encouraging words with colleagues and clients might actually help to encourage a positive and mutually beneficial relationship, but sometimes we get so wrapped up in the day-to-day of our routines that we forget to slow down and really recognize each other’s accomplishments.  Taking a step back and acknowledging a job well done can really boost someone’s spirits and inspire them to keep up the good work.  It indicates that you not only understand how hard they work, but you also truly value what they do.

Receiving Gifts
Everyone likes stuff.  And for some people, gifts play a significant role in every relationship they have.  Now, a gift doesn’t have to be extravagant or flashy.  It can be something simple or thoughtful; even something as seemingly insignificant as a handwritten note can make a world of difference to some people.  Did your client just land an exciting new deal?  Send them a gift basket.  Did another client just welcome their first child into the world?  Send them a card and soft blanket.  These personal touches will solidify your relationship, and will remind clients that you are invested in their journey and glad to be a part of it.

Quality Time
Spending quality time with clients may seem like a tricky one in this day and age.  You might have clients across the country, or even across the globe, and it is obviously not always possible to be face-to-face with clients at the drop of a hat.  But the defining characteristic of quality time is giving your undivided attention to someone – and you can learn to extend that beyond face-to-face meetings.  Whether it’s in person, on the phone or over video chat, you can connect with clients by devoting your time and your attention to whatever is going on in their world.  When you spend this kind of quality time you start understanding your clients in a whole new way.  And when you truly understand your clients and where they are coming from, that is when you can begin to help them unleash their potential.

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