Unleash Your Potential: Volunteer

Here at Far West Capital, we believe it is of great importance to give back to our community through volunteer work. If you’re not already, I encourage you to begin having volunteer outings for your employees. Not only do organizations need extra hands, but your team will also feel fulfilled knowing they’ve made a difference in the lives of others. If your company isn’t volunteering together, here are a few reasons why they should.


  1. Creates Passionate People. Employees who are able to show passion for something outside of work, such as their favorite cause or organization, are more likely to be passionate about their work in the office. In other words, scheduling volunteer days will spark passion in your employees that they will bring back to work and use to personify your company’s mission.
  1. Happy Employees = Happy Business. Studies show that people derive more happiness from experiences than from material things. When they are helping others, their happiness level is upped even further! Getting your employees out of the office accompanied with serving the community will create a “happy high” in your office that can’t be beat, not even by a catered lunch.
  1. Creates Positive Image. Not only do volunteer days benefit your employees, but they also create a positive image for your company. Not to mention, it’s a social-media recruiting tool that runs itself! Imagine a Facebook post about a volunteer outing generously provided by your company – while showing off that your employees are donating time outside of work shouldn’t be the purpose of volunteer days, positive publicity is just a perk that happens to come with it.

How is your company giving back to the community? Leave your comments below.

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