The 2nd Annual Small Business Saturday is this coming Saturday, November 26. This day is a national initiative and a perfect opportunity to support small businesses by doing some holiday shopping at locally owned, independent stores and eating out at your favorite locally owned restaurants. Spearheaded by American Express, this initiative encourages small businesses to create promotional materials and rally their customers to participate, but it has a great impact on the city itself.

Why is shopping local so important? Here are a couple of reasons.

1. Shopping local fuels the local economy.

By supporting small businesses in your city, you support businesses that have been hit the hardest by the recession. You also help these businesses compete against big national chains.

2. Shopping local creates more local jobs.

Your support helps increase revenue, helping the business grow and requiring the business to hire more employees.

3. Shopping local helps communities and neighborhoods.

With the support of loyal customers, communities are built. A unique camaraderie is fostered and many times, a community will help rally for support when a business needs it.

4. Shopping local helps build vibrant and unique neighborhoods.

Instead of a shopping center containing another Walmart and Starbucks, unique businesses help neighborhoods build personality and a unique culture.

5. Shopping local fuels the innovation of local entrepreneurs and the local culture of entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship is an important factor in improving the economy and as entrepreneurship grows in your city, so do organizations that support entrepreneurs and the availability of mentorship.


We encourage you to help raise awareness of the local businesses in the community and raise awareness of the importance of small businesses by supporting and shopping local. For more information about Small Business Saturday, check out the website.

To find local Austin businesses, visit the Go Local Card website.

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