Why You Should Take Care of Your Clients and How To Do It

Good customer service, or “the lifeblood of any organization” as it is sometimes called, is just one factor in a business’s success but an important one. Good customer service will not only keep your clients happy and loyal but also help keep your company at the top of their minds when it comes to referrals.

I’m sure if I asked you to list a few companies with bad customer service, you wouldn’t have to think about it too long. Have you ever spoken to a rude person on the other end of a customer service phone line or had an experience with a disappearing waiter? Can you think of a company or companies with good customer service? I bet you had to think a little longer to answer that question. Customer service solidifies the relationship between a company and a client, and clients will remember how you treat them.

What can you do to create positive, lasting relationships with your clients? Here are a couple of my tips.

1. Provide information and answer questions in a timely manner
Some of our clients are new to asset-based lending and have lots of questions and concerns, so we make sure to fully explain the processes of our business and how it can help them. To take it a step further, we assign an account manager to every client to ensure their needs are met. We make sure all questions are answered and that we respond in a timely manner. We also proactively contact our clients to make sure they are being taken care of throughout the entire process. Strive to be informative and helpful instead of just answering questions.

2. Be available
Let clients know how they can reach you and be available. Show clients you are committed to helping their business succeed from the beginning to the end of your working relationship with them. At Far West Capital, we communicate with our clients frequently, and since each client company is assigned to a specific account representative, they always have a specific person to contact with questions or concerns.

3. Be open to feedback
There’s always room for improvement. Be attentive and willing to hear the feedback your clients give you. Some won’t be proactive about providing feedback, so ask for it. How can you improve your communication or business processes? What client needs is not being efficiently met? Our clients are able to see and experience things in our relationship that we don’t, and it’s helpful to take their suggestions to improve our business.

Are there any tips you would add or examples of good and/or bad customer service you can share?

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